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Re: Still can't sort out MBR -- Linux and NT

On Sat, May 09, 1998 at 05:54:08PM +0100, Tristan Day wrote:
> When I load from a boot disk (created by "format /s" at dos prompt in
> Win95), fdisk doesn't work because it doesn't exist, thus
> fdisk /MBR
> doesn't work. If I try this in linux, it says MBR not found <tried in lower
> case too>

Of course.  You'll have to copy fdisk.exe onto the boot disk...
Actually, the best thing to do is to use Win95's boot disk utility to
make a boot disk.  Use the help facility, search for boot disk, and
you're on your way.  It will copy a whole bunch of utilities to the
floppy.  Everyone who runs Windoze should have one or two handy.


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