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RE: Problem with my shell

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From: Jeff Shilt [mailto:jshilt@oucsace.cs.ohiou.edu]
Sent: Thursday, May 07, 1998 2:44 PM
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Subject: Re: Problem with my shell

> > 
> > On Mon, May 04, 1998 at 02:08:36AM -0400, Jeff Shilt wrote:
> > >   I wrote a postinst shell script for a package and when I went to
test it
> > > I get 
> > >  bash: ././postinst: no such file or directory
> > >   I changed my PATH environent variable around a bunch, even took
out .
>   I did remove the remove the spaces, that wasn't it. However, I did
> it by using mcedit from mc.  Apparently it had something to do with
how ae
> was saving it. I've stopped using ae!
> 	Thanks, Jef

Interesting.  I am also using an environment (Cygwin developed) to run
unix utils
in an M$Win environment.  One of its "features" is distinguishing
between (in bash)
text and binary mode (a DOSism).  When I set things up to run "binary",
scripts I
had written earlier would not work, and with the same error message,
come to think
of it.

The reason is/was the presence of a carriage return character, which in
text mode
was being stripped but in binary was becoming an invisible part of the
string, which
of course could not be found.  Could be "ae" was writting in "DOS Text

Bob McGowan
i'm:  bob dot mcgowan at artecon dot com

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