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Re: hamm status

Timothy C. Phan <iquest@gte.net> wrote:

:   I'd like to know if hamm is stable to use now?  Does the
:   new kernel source include the NTFS and Joliet FS patches?

master.debian.org thats is the machine where developers build and
upload their packages to is running Hamm.

I have three machines running Hamm (one of them in production) and all
of them are rock solid.

Something are still changing in Hamm (new packages every now and then,
dependencies changes and some other minor things) but I would say it
is safe enough, and very stable.

I don't know about the kernel patches you ask about because I use my
own vanilla 2.0.33 (no kernel package).

See ya!



Eloy A. Paris
Information Technology Department
Rockwell Automation Venezuela
Telephone: +58-2-9432311 Fax: +58-2-9431645

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