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New APT version

I have compiled a version of APT for rex/bo. It was built on my 486 that
runs some strange rex/bo mix and should work on every system from 1.2

For completeness I built up a matching version for hamm.


Scott will likely release an official .9 in a few days.

This version of apt is probably the most effective way to upgrade from
bo/rex. It has been tested in several bo upgrades and has undergone
simulated upgrades for 18 different configurations, including a few rex

I will dump it into bo-unstable if I get a few reports of it working on
bo. It can be used to maintain a bo system and upgrade to bo-unstable, the
relevent source list entries are something like

deb http://llug.sep.bnl.gov/debian stable/binary-i386/
deb http://llug.sep.bnl.gov/debian bo-unstable/binary-i386/

(include both if using bo-unstable).


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