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Re: x-fer /home to new drive?!

This should be relatively easy...

Partition the drive with fdisk (cfdisk or whatever) under linux.

'fdisk /dev/sda' probably

You might want to think about putting a swap partition on this 
new drive also.  It _should_ be a noticable improvement if you
swap much.  You probably do not do a great deal of 'seeking'
on the /home partition but your machine does a great deal of
seeking to places like '/etc', '/lib', '/usr/lib', the various
'bin', and 'X' directories.  With the swap partition on a 
different drive then swapping should be much faster.  In addition
I believe that SCSI is much less 'processor' bound than IDE/EIDE
(though I am not positive).

Make a filesystem (mkfs /dev/<whatever the drive is + partition #)
Mount the drive temporarily on something like /mnt
"mount -t ext2 /dev/<drive-partition> /mnt -rw"

Now this next one is the one where you will be touching a 'religious'

There are (as is usual for Unix/Linux) many different ways to copy
your old '/home/*' to the new drive...

"cp -a /home /mnt"
you can user 'cpio', 'tar', and even some of the local mirroring

The 'cp' command is probably fine _unless_ you have some unusual
file storage structure in your home directory (ie:  soft or hard
links) but this is very unusual for most personal systems.

Then 'umount /mnt' (or whatever the temporary mount point was).
Would not hurt to temporarily do a 
"mount /dev/<drive-partition> /home -rw" and login as a normal
user and just check to see that everything is ok.

When you are satisfied then:
'umount /home'
(A little parinoia here) 'cd /home'
(some more parinoia...) Confirm with 'pwd' that you are in /home.
'rm -f *'

Remount the drive on home and finally edit /etc/fstab and add
the mount for the new drive onto home with a line something like
'/dev/<drive-partition> /home ext2 defaults 0 2'

I seem to remember that only the first drive root should be 'pass 1',
all other partition on that drive should be sequential (ie: 2, 3, etc.),
and the partitions on other drives should start the sequence over but
start at two (so if you made two partitions on your new drive then
their pass numbers would be 2 and 3).

Besure to look at the manual pages for the commands and aks if in
doubt.  Hopefully no one will lead you astray but we all make 
mistakes (at least _this_ we does).

On Tue, May 05, 1998 at 12:48:23AM -0500, Ian Keith Setford wrote:
> Yo-
> I have had my sytem running on a WD 2.1G for over a year but I just bought
> a Mylex SCSI card and a WD Enterprise drive.  I have everything working
> fine but now I want to mount /home on its own partition on the new faster
> drive.  What is the best way to accomplish this?  Is it even advisable?
> TIA,
> -Ian
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