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Re: Linux won't use SMC 8416 ether card

On Tue, May 05, 1998 at 01:36:13PM +0100, Rick McKenzie wrote:
> I'm trying to use my SMC 8416 ethernet card under linux.  When I use Modconf 
> to install it, I get the following message.
> Loading Device 'eth0'
> Smc-Ultra.c: No SMC ultra card found(i/o=0x280)
> /Lib/modules/2.0.29/net/smc-ultra.o:
> init_module: Device or resource busy
> Installation failed.

Looking at the Ethernet-HOWTO:

  5.35.5.  SMC EtherEZ (8416)

  Status -- Supported

  This card uses SMC's 83c795 chip and supports the Plug 'n Play
  specification. It also has an SMC Ultra compatible mode, which allows
  it to be used with the Linux Ultra driver.  Be sure to set your card
  for this compatibility mode.  See the above information for notes on
  the Ultra driver.

So make sure you set the card into Ultra compatibility mode.

SMC cards are generally very nice and painless under Linux -- and
even nice on Microsoft platforms.

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