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Sshd and utmp

	Hey guys... I have sshd running.. and it seems to work. My friends and I
can 'ssh' to my system.  But there is one minor problem... a 'w' command will
NOT show the ssh conneciton.  Is this proper?  And if not... how can I fix it?
Should I recompile sshd?  I do not remember where to find it... I guess I could
hunt it down at sunsite.unc.edu, but if anyone has it handy, could they please
post it up?  Or... is this some kind of configuration or permission issue for
utmp to work with sshd?  I am using debian 2.0 glibc2... can that be affecting
sshd if sshd was compiled in libc5?  Thanks in advance guys.

Carroll Kong

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