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Mouse and Mystique

Hi! :-)

I'm very new to Linux and tried today to install Linux on my computer.
Where I failed was the installation of the mouse. The mouse are labeled
Logitech MouseMan,Serial-MousePort, but under WindowsNT the mouse works
with a busmouse driver and when I tried in the configuration program
different settings, the only setting where I saw some flickering
movement of the mouse was psaux, so I'm a bit confused over the type of
my mouse und what parameter I must use to get the mouse working
properly. ( The connector is round and has 6 pins).
My second problem is the graphic card, I have a Matrox Mystique, what
settings can I use for it, is there a special driver for it under Debian

?  I read that there are something for SuSe, can I use it for Debian ?

   Sabine (who needs Linux to use a rendering program on a faster
machine than the Indy, I used before for that )

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