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mutt, xlock, xautolock problems

I have installed mutt (0.91.1-4) on i386 and have experienced some strange 
colors, which make most of the mails (citations) unreadable. I know how it 
looked before and have seen the same with the new version I built for m68k. 
Is mutt supposed to look like this now? Do I have to configure it to make it
readable? Shall I upload the m68k version?

xlockmore (4.09-3)/xautolock(pl11-2):
I have put this into my init-hook (fvwm2)
 xautolock -time 1 -locker xlock -mode random -corners ++++ -cornerdelay 1
which is supposed to lock my display. It does so, but very often it unlocks 
spontaneously (doing nothing to the computer, just watching the screen.
Perhaps the mouse has moved a bit, but nothing more).
I can not say if this problem has been removed with a recent upgrade,
because it doesnt happen when I want it to. But I am sure that it was still
there with the software I installed in the middle of march.


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