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Re: fortunes

What exactly is the problem?
does it give an error when you run /usr/games/fortune ?
I think the actual fortunes need to be instalkled separately
(and unfortunatly the good fortunes are in a separate package...
that on eis really a must...I woul dlove to see the "offensive" 
package merged back in with the rest...whats the good of even 
installing fortunes without them? oh well just another 
example of people needing to get over it)
anyway...what version of the fortunes package are you using?
did you install the actual fortunes?

On Sun, May 03, 1998 at 10:09:58PM -0700, FuzyBuny wrote:
> i am running debian linux kernel v2.0 frozen... and i cant seem to get
> my fortunes going... have read the man page already and still no luck
> any info??
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