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Re: partition dumbness causing kernel panic

> select "mount previously initialized swap
> partition" (forgot to mention that previously).

> After doing that, select "mount previously initialized Linux partition"
> or something of the like, which should allow you to choose which ext2
> partition you want (this should mount the partition under /target).
> After all of this is done, go all the way down and select the execute
> shell option. This should give you an ash prompt, in which case you can
> do a "/target/usr/sbin/chroot /target" if your /usr is on the same
> partition. If not, you'll have to use the simple editor to alter your
> /etc/*stab file. This done, run /target/sbin/lilo -c /target/etc/lilo.conf
> and reboot.

ok, i did all that. it was working fine until chroot refused to do anything,
complaining about being unable to "resolve" the "symbol" 'execvp'. seems 
like some sketchy deal where chroot is looking at some C code...??

so i opened ash and fixed up /etc/*tab ... fstab seemed especially wacky
so i fixed it as best as i could. it does no better booting now than before,
but with the boot disk it mounts the root fs readonly, then complains
"unable to open an initial console".


please continue suggesting what i should do... i'm so stuck! 
thanks a lot for your help.


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