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the glibc2/libc6 tale Re: What's the storywith 2.0?

The difference between libc5 and libc6 is in the name "glibc2".  Libc5
was predominantly Linux only.  libc6/glibc2 is gnu libc.  It is
installed (or will be) on systems besides Linux.  This makes porting
between unices easier and makes the differences between them less. 
glibc2 is more robust, more thread aware, in many cases faster, and all
in all better.  Many many parts of the lib are source and binary
incompatible with libc5 -- hence the need to move all apps to it.  In
the beginning many apps broke on libc6.  Now it is sometimes reversed. 
All told it is better -- but it has been a trip to get here.  That and
Debian is volunteers and college students -- not paid employees.  maybe
a lib guru can give specifics.  But what I have said is close enough to
the facts.

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