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Re: Diety / Apt Questions.

First, thanks alot for everyones help!

> I am presuming that you want to run programs that open windows on the
> X-display that you have already logged into as a 'normal user', yes?
> The 'xhost +localhost' (or any other host that you are using on your 
> network) is a good solution (probably the best).
> IF you are not running multiple X displays on your machine then a
> simple technique is to 'su' in an xterm,
> 'cp /home/<user>/.Xauthority /root'
> which will then let root open things on your display.

So does root get to keep my user's .Xauthority file permanently then? Or is
.Xauthority periodically generated? (Man -k xauthority and variations thereof
return nothing. :(...) And what does the .Xsession file that someone was
talking about do? (No luck with man and that file either)

> BTW, unless I am mistaken, you never need to do the 'export DIPLAY'
> command unless you are trying to open a display on a display OTHER
> than the on that you are using to issue the command.
So if I am logged into a remote computer telnet, could I do xhost
+remotecomputer on mine, and export DISPLAY=myipaddr on remote, and then start
some X program on remote and have it send the display to my Xserver?


E-Mail: hospedales@wow.net
Date: 02-May-98
Time: 19:32:05

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