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Re: Network Problem

Michael Acklin <l128620@lmtas.lmco.com> writes: 
> 	I really believe this is being caused by a reverse lookup or lookup from
> ftp.debian.org. I can log onto other ftp sites, ie sunsite, without any
> problems. But would rather download the packages via Debian. 

     I can confirm that ftp.debian.org will refuse connection if your
reverse DNS lookup fails.  My previous ISP (a real M$ fanatic) never
could get his DNS right, and didn't understand my complaints.  I could
never make an ftp connection to ftp.debian.org while I was on that
ISP.  (That's why I have a new ISP.)  While my reverse dns was screwed
up I was able to connect to llug.sep.bnl.gov (in New York).  That is a
very good site, and I found it as fast (from Florida) as
ftp.debian.org (in Atlanta).  An extra advantage of llug.sep.bnl.gov
is that they mirror Incoming.

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