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Network Problem


	Well I got the basic hamm from disks working fine last night. But when i
started to download the rest of the packages from ftp.debian.org, I got a
"Connection Refused" message or something similar.

	I really believe this is being caused by a reverse lookup or lookup from
ftp.debian.org. I can log onto other ftp sites, ie sunsite, without any
problems. But would rather download the packages via Debian. 

	A little background, may help with my question. I am running on a PPP
connection and connect up to my local ISP. I have been assigned a static
IP. The address goes something like "aux-xxx-xx-xxx.myisp.net". I have
since changed that address via the magic of Monolith to "something.ml.org",
which has propagated for over a month now. I have placed in the "hostnames"
the ml.org address. 

	The other day, I had lost my static IP from my ISP and was being assigned
a Dynamic IP address. And I could log onto ftp.debian.org with no problem
at all. 

	My question is, has anyone else seen this happen before? And if so, how do
I fix it so I can log onto ftp.debian.org? If not, what am I doing that is
different from a Static IP to a Dynamic IP to have debian.org let me on?
And what do I need to do with my network files to get this to work? 

	When I was running bo, I had the same problem, but I just got the files
off sunsite so was not a big deal, but now with hamm, sunsite doesn't have
the "Package" files up to date and I was wanting to get my system back up.

	Thanks for any help.


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