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Re: more SCSI Woes


> > I'm not sure if this will help, but have you tried tweaking some of the
> > SCSI low level driver settings when you configure your kernel?
> no I havn't...I supose I should take a look at the source code for the kernelSCSI
> drivers

I meant the SCSI low level driver settings when you do a make
config/menuconfig/xconfig in /usr/src/linux.  There are some delay
or timeout settings. from what I recall, that you tweak.  The kernel
config help for each of low level SCSI tells what each one does.  You
shouldn't have to mess around with the SCSI source, but go for it if you
are up to it.  You are braver then me; I never mess with the kernel source 

> > Also, is
> > your kernel configured to support tape drives?
> yes it is...but shouldn't at least some SCSI device be detected even if it
> doesn'tsuport tape drives?..and that interrupt being lost is what get sme,...that
> shouldn't happn

Good point, I agree.


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