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Re: fast hard drives for which partitions

Michael Beattie wrote:
> > swap
> > /
> > /boot
> > /etc
> > /var
> > /tmp
> I'm not sure, but I believe the above must be on the same drive...
> /boot and /etc do...

/boot does not (I've had /boot be a symlink to a dos partition (don't
ask ;-)).

swap doesn't, of course.

/var doesn't: 
/dev/hda2             193M   32M   151M     18%   /
/dev/hdc1             968M  842M   116M     88%   /usr
/dev/hdc3             1.7G  1.6G    95M     95%   /var

/etc does, unless you want to play nasty tricks with overwriting a skeletal
/var with a mount. /tmp I'm not sure of.

Personally, if I anticipate needing a lot of swap, my swap partition is at
the top of the list. If not, it can go on a slower drive. Next is /home,
then /tmp, then /var, then then the root fs and finally /usr. But it
all depends on how you use your system, really... I do a *lot* in my /home
diriectory, ie, lots of compiling, etc, which is why I prioritize it so

see shy jo

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