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Re: Faster swap by using separate disk?

Paul Miller writes:
> hmm... I have 64 megs of EDO RAM and two ~104 meg swap paritions and Linux
> rarely touches them, and even if it does, it only uses less than 10 megs..
> Has Linux decided my 6-year old, 208 meg drive is too slow?

NO, Linux does not care. You have to determine if that drive is too slow for
your usage.

> I've also had a swap parition on a 3-year old 1.2 WD drive, it's not UDMA,
> but it is 310% faster than the older drive.. Linux didn't touch that
> either .. I've even tried to make Linux use it by openning tons of huges X
> programs (i.e.  multiple Netscape windows) and it'd only use about 15 megs
> at max. 

Try using different programs. Shared libraries make using the same program a
lesson in futility (as it should be). I suggest cdda2wav + X-windows/netscape
+ find <something> as a better test.

> I have a 6.4 WD UDMA drive installed now, maybe I should try it out.  Is
> it worth it?
> BTW- the hdparm -t values for those IDE drives are approximately 1.05
> megs/sec, 3.27 megs/sec, 8.51 megs/sec, respectively.

Yep, those are about right. A SCSI-1 system is around 5 Megs/sec, A SCSI-2
around 10 megs/sec, and SCSI-3 about 20 megs/sec. I believe a ultra-wide
SCSI-3 tops at 40 megs/sec. Anyone knowing better than I is invited to
enlighten/educate me. 8-) 

Try this just giggles: /usr/sbin/hdparm -c1 -X34 -m16 (or whatever the
multisector factor is) /dev/hda (or whichever drive you want)

The above combination should bring up your IDE performance. Check the manpage
for hdparm _before_ invoking the above. 8-)

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