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Re: smail Hostnames--Simplified

On Sat, 18 Apr 1998, Art Lemasters wrote:

>       Allow me to give an example to be more specific (sorry).
>       If my machine has the fullname
> newname.bf.org
> can I still download mail from the account alemas@ipa.net to
> alemas@newname.bf.org
> using smail?  How?  Thanks.

You mean you have a POP-3 account form your ISP and you want that mail to
end up in your mailbox on your own Linux computer? Sure, you can do this,
but not with smail alone, since smail doesn't know the POP-3 protocol. 
Install fetchmail. This will get the mail from your ISP (the
alemas@ipa.net address) and tell smail to send it to
alemas@newname.bf.org. Here's an example .fetchmailrc :

poll mail.ipa.net proto pop3 user alemas pass XXXXXX is alemas

mail.ipa.net : your ISP's mailhost
pop3 : the protocol name
alemas : your user name at your ISP
XXXXXXX : fill in your actual password for your ISP
alemas : your local username

.fetchmailrc must be readable for you only : 'chmod 600 .fetchmailrc'.

Then, just issue the 'fetchmail' command with no options and it will get
your mail. For more information, please read the manual pages that come
with the package.


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