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Re: supressing return mail with "at"


Richard E. Hawkins Esq. (hawk@eyry.econ.iastate.edu):

> I tossed together a 2 line script to run with at, to give me a ^Q every 
> minute:
> echo -n "bbb" > /dev/ttyp8
> at -f testfile now + 1 minutes

avoid output to stdout/err! "at" only sends mail if there is anything to send.
see at(1)

at -f testfile now + 1 minutes > /dev/null 2>&1

but why don't you use cron?
see crontab(1,5) and run "crontab -e" to add a line like this:

1 * * * * echo -n "bbb" >/dev/ttyp8


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