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mars-nwe preliminary for slink

I've uploaded a preliminary package for mars-nwe (at long last)
to my FTP server at ftp.rising.com.au, in directory /pub/hamish.

This is 0.99pl8 which requires no patches to get running on libc6,
unlike previous editions. Thanks to Marcus for letting me know about
this, and for making me get around to releasing the package.

Caveats: it spits out some ugly startup messages, which I haven't
removed yet, so I'm not going to upload it to master just yet.
Also, on my system, it still won't die -- I can't kill the thing,
I even send it SIGSEGV and it just notes in the log and keeps running.

Note: this package is for slink, which means you need a hamm or
slink system to run it.

Hamish Moffatt, hamish@debian.org, hamish@rising.com.au, hmoffatt@mail.com
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