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Re: window manager lockups with latest X

On Wed, Apr 29, 1998 at 12:15:47PM -0400, Stephen Carpenter wrote:
> This makes me wonder....
> when you say that "the mouse can't give any window focus"
> is it able to move windows by dragging or bring them to the front?

No, the mouse is able to move around the screen, but it does not
let me do _anything_.  It doesn't change back and forth from an
I-beam to a pointer when moving over an xterm; clicking on a window
has no affect; clicking on a wmaker menu does nothing; trying to drag
a window doesn't work.  Very strange.

> I have had a very similar problem without even leaving X
> to a VT an dback...just ocasionally I can click on windows, bring them to front
> etc
> juct can't geve them focus and type in them (BTW I have ClickToFocus ON because
> I HATE focus following the mouse)
> I have only tired FVWM2 but I have noticed that if I click n the root window with
> either middle or left (I forget which) to bring up the "Window List"
> and I select a window in that way....it will get focus and work fine...
> until I want to give another window focus..then I have to use
> the window list again...
> it happens infrequently ...I leave X and startx again and it works fine...
> never really bothered me enough to look into it further...
> are these the symproms that you describe?

No, your problem seems to be a different one.

Thanks for the suggestion, though.

Any more ideas?  BTW, if looking at any of my config files or anything
else would be helpful, I'll be glad to post them.  I'm just not sure
what would be helpful at this point.



> James Dietrich wrote:
> > The subject line says it quite well; here are some more
> > details.
> >
> > Several weeks ago I was still running the 3.3.1-2 packages
> > (xbase, xfnt100, xfnt75, xfntbase, xfntpex, xlib6, xlib6g,
> > xlib6g-dev, and xserver-mach64) with the scwm window manager.
> > Once in a (long) while scwm would lock up and I would have
> > to restart X.
> >
> > Then (several weeks ago) I upgraded to the 3.3.2-3 versions
> > of all the above packages.  Very soon I noticed that it took
> > only a matter of minutes and several switches between X and
> > a VT to lock up scwm.  What I mean by "lock up" is that the
> > mouse is unable to give any window focus; furthermore, scwm
> > has a very large virtual desktop, and in this locked up state
> > I am able to pan around an area only slightly larger than my
> > monitor screen.  Interestingly, though, a program running in
> > X will continue to run, even though I can't control it.
> >
> > Downgrading the xserver-mach64 package to the old 3.3.1-2
> > version caused the problem to disappear.  Now I thought that
> > it might be a scwm bug, since then I have tried the new
> > xserver-mach64 with the wmaker window manager, and the very
> > same thing happens after a few minutes.  Sometimes with scwm
> > it is enough to switch out of X and then back _one_ time to
> > make it freeze as described above.
> >
> > I am running the latest from hamm. Kernel is 2.1.98.  Just to
> > be sure it wasn't a kernel problem, I booted up on 2.1.32 and
> > started X.  It took several hours to lock up the first time,
> > and when I restarted X again, scwm locked up within minutes.
> >
> > I really don't know where to go from here.  What can I do
> > to figure out where the problem is so I can use the new
> > xserver-mach64?  Has anyone else experienced this difficulty?
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > James
> >
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