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Re: Updating /etc/modules (was Re: Wierd linux/debian problem)


> Perhaps we could consider having "make moudles_install" disable (ie
> comment out) any modules mentioned in /etc/modules that are not compiled
> into the current kernel.  I would suggest that this shouldn't be done
> automatically, but should instead prompt the user for the change.

This sounds interesting.  How would this be integrated into Debian without
messing around with the Kernel makefiles?  I'm assuming that we want to
leave the kernel source in a vanilla state.  Does Debian use a vanilla
version of the kernel sources or does it modify them some way, besides
standard patches?

What would be really nice is a Debianized kernel
configuration/build/install front end to make it easier for newbies to
configure the kernel and install modules.  ...wishful thinking, I know.


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