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how do I fix hamm and bo conflicts?

I am reposting this because, I did not get any replies and I suspect
that the listserv doesn't post messages from non-subscribers.

I had bo installed.  Then I tried to install hamm and my system became
unusable.  (The hamm installs disks were the old libc version.)
I had files from hamm and bo on the system.  I decided to reinstall bo.
I found that there were duplicate binary files.  Sometimes when I would
execute a command the hamm command would be found before the bo
command.  The hamm command was presumably linked with the new libc
libraries.  How do I determine if a file is from bo, hamm, or from
another source?  It seems that "dpkg -S file_name" is not accurate.  I
tried a "dpkg -S ldconfig" and nothing was returned.  A utility to
verify the integrity of a distribution say hamm or bo would be usefull.

Today an old problem with telnet reoccurred.  While preparing to
recompile inetd I found this bit of wisdom in a README file that may
apply to my system:" Please make sure your header files in /usr/include
match your libc
version installed in /lib and /usr/lib. If you have weird problems
this is the most likely culprit."  How do I check this?

Now, it seems to me that the only way to fix my system without
installing hamm is to start deleting directory trees and reinstall
everything.   Are there any suggestions on what directories to delete or

ways to verify the integrity of bo?

                                            Donald Harter Jr.

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