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Re: Fonts in X [Off Topic]

On Wed, 22 Apr 1998, Luiz Otavio L. Zorzella wrote:

> Remco Blaakmeer writes:
> > You can place the fonts in a subdirectory of /var/ttfonts . You can use
> > any name for that subdirectory. Where you get the fonts is another issue. 
> > It is probably illegal to use the fonts that come with Windows.
> Why? If you bought a Windows license, you bought a license for the
> Windows components, I think.
> Not being legal to use Windows fonts in Linux would be like being
> illegal to buy Coke and using the jar to carry Oranje Juice...
> Also, if you bought any program that comes with true type fonts (like
> Corel Draw), you could use them also!

I just meant that I didn't know for sure. I can't remember actually
reading a license for a commercial application.

> > You could get yourself a CD with a few hundred shareware/freeware
> > fonts, but most of these are very poorly licensed.
> What do you mean by very poorly licensed?

They have no license or the license is ill-formed or very ambiguous. You
get the idea.

> > xfstt isn't yet automatically started at boot time. To start it
> > manually, do:
> > # xfstt &
> > ... as root.
> > To let the X server use the fonts, you can do:
> > $ xset fp+ tcp/localhost:7100
> Thanks for the clues! I finally could see some nice fonts in
> Netscape... 



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