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Re: Newbie Questions...

G'day Rick,

>If you could choose one book to help you learn Linux, what would it
>be?  I'm looking for something that covers  installation, use, and
>administration.  Oh yeah, and also  how to format a floppy disk : )

I haven't read a lot of Linux books, but I found Running Linux (2nd ed.) by
Welsh & Kaufman (Published by O'riely) to be a really good introduction. I
knew nothing before I picked up the book, and although I'm far from a Guru
now, i am surviving quite nicely :)

It's highly recomended, but nothing substitutes for reading lots of HOWTOs
and FAQs, and of course, this list <grin>

One warning, Running Linux is a *little* RedHat-centric. Shouldn't cause
too much trouble tho...


Damon Muller (damon@lenore.empire.net.au)
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