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non-free licences

after reading all non-free licences, i have a list what can go on a
cdrom. this is my personal list, yours may be different. no waranty.

this is not an official debian list. debian takes no position,
and will not include non-free packages on their official cdrom.

i included packages, if this is ok :
 - personal use
 - educational use
 - commercial, for-profit distribution, for a reasonable fee.
(don't mail me, if you think this is too restrictive.)

maybe you have your own list, so we can compare ?
if you think, that i'm wrong on some package, please write
whether the package can be included or not, and include the full licence 
(and clarifying emails from the author ).

abc2mtex abuse-sfx angband arabtext archie axe battleball biglog
bsdgames-nonfree calctool cgiwrap chos distributed-net
distributed-net-proxy dmalloc doom dqs dungeon echo-linux
figfonts figfonts-cjk fractxtra freefont frotz gettyps glimpse gopher-client
gsn-curses gsn-jigsaw gumshoe http-analyze idled ines inform inform-docs
l3 lha libforms-bin libforms-dev libforms-doc libforms0.86 libforms0.86-altdev
libforms0.88 libglide2 libmsql1 libmsql2 libsrgp1 libsrgp1-altdev libsrgp1g
libsrgp1g-dev maelstrom majordomo mikmod mirrormagic mosaic mp3asm
mp3info msql msql-doc msqld oonsoo pgplot picasm pine-docs povray-misc
quake-lib quake2 quake2-dm r-mlbench rel remind rman rocks-n-diamonds
seyon sharefonts so-far speech-tools-dev spim squake strn tin tkman
tracker ts unzip w3-msql weather wwwtable x3270 x3270-htmldoc xanim
xfmail xgalaga xgobi xinetd xmame xmikmod xpacman xpdf xquake
xtoolplaces xtrojka xv xwpick zip

amp biss chimera chktex circus cthugha cucipop dgs dgs-dev doc++
doc-html-w3 dvi2tty epan ethiop ezlm-source festival festlex-cmu
festlex-oald festlex-poslex festvox-don festvox-kdlpc16k festvox-kdlpc8k
fftw1 gfont giftrans gravitywars gs-aladdin html2latex hwb lclint
libcgic1 libcgic1-altdev libcgicg1 libcgicg1-dev libgd-perl libgd1
libgd1-altdev libgd1g libgd1g-dev libjpeg-gif mcvert mirror mpg123 musixtex
musixtex-doc mysql-base mysql-bench mysql-dev mysql-doc mysql-manual
mysql-server ncftp ncompress nedit netpbm-nonfree newsgate noweb ocal
optimizer opustex pdl qmail-src qt-doc qt1g qt1g qt1g-dev serialmail-src
snns snns-doc swi-prolog tatctae tetex-french tgif tkdiff tripwire
ucbmpeg ucbmpg-play unarj wwwcount xacc-smotif xanim xautolock
xfractint xpostitplus xtrkcad xzx zoo

diablo fftw1-dev gdk-imlib-nonfree-dev gdk-imlib-nonfree
imlib-nonfree imlib-nonfree-dev jdk1.1-dev jdk1.1-docdemo povray
povray-doc snns-examples snns-tools tkgofer xmame-svga xmame-x
xmayday xmayday-doc xpvmpov xsqlmenu

CHECK: i got my information with cat usr/doc/*/*copyright*,
but with these packages, i got empty files, so i have to look at them manualy.

TODO : check non-US packages.

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