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Re: How much HD is necessary to mirror Debian x86?

On Tue, 14 Apr 1998, Ulisses Alonso Camaro wrote:

: Hi all!
: I want to download the entire Debian hamm distribution _for Intel only_
: (just binary-i386, isn't it?)

No, you need binary-all also.

: How much HD is necessary?

(I'm assuming you want contrib and non-free also)

kepler:/a/ftp/linux/debian/hamm $ du -s --bytes \
> {main,contrib,non-free}/binary-{i386,all} | \
> awk 'total = total + $1; END {print total}'
492214798       main/binary-i386
301319921       main/binary-all
63449385        contrib/binary-i386
16031418        contrib/binary-all
68651034        non-free/binary-i386
55554325        non-free/binary-all

: The mirror will be done from a bo system, I think the best and easiest 
: method will be to use the wget with 
: - -r -t 0 options

I don't know about this, as I've never used wget.  I use mirror, and it
works fine as long as you have some RAM to throw at it.

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