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Re: Newbie Questions...

On Tue, Apr 14, 1998 at 01:46:07PM +0100, Rick McKenzie wrote:

> If you could choose one book to help you learn Linux, what would it
> be?  I'm looking for something that covers  installation, use, and
> administration.  Oh yeah, and also  how to format a floppy disk : )

I used and can reccommend Running Linux 2nd Edition.  If helped to read
afterward the kernel-HOWTO and learn how to repackage a .deb file with

I also learned by example what files go IN a Debian package tree, mostlin
the debian directory, etc.  This made me able to make a debian package,
albeit slowly.  I imagine there are faster ways but I don't yet know them
=>  You may never need this step, but I have discovered that anything not
packaged you wish to install should be packaged locally to save headaches
and make deinstallation easier.

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