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Re: giflib2

On Tue, Apr 14, 1998 at 08:14:02AM +0200, Franz-Gerhard Hoyer wrote:

> Hallo, my name is Gerhard!
> I installed the latest debianversion on my PC, and tried to install the
> kde-beta3. When I try to install the kdelibs it breakes with the message
> that it need giflib2. Where I can get it?
> Please send a message to: FGHoyer@rz-online.de
> Thanks for the help!

KDE beta 3 was not packaged by Debian and has some annoying problems. 
Namely that the package you're asking for doesn't exist.  HOWEVER, there
is a libgif2 and that is what you want.  Assuming of course that you're
willing to hack apart the .deb file, edit the dependancy, and put it back
together again.  I do not advise forcing the package.

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