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Re: problems using xmaple in a remote xterminal

Marco Anglesio <mpa@squawk.klue.on.ca> writes:

> > (maple is a computer algebra system). 
> > If I start xmaple (the graphical interface) locally, 
> > everything works fine. However, if I try to use a 
> > remote xterminal (using rlogin or telnet) I get a 
> > segmentation fault.
> Have you tried using rexec?
> % rexec -l username -p password hostname /usr/local/bin/xmaple \
> -display yourip:0.0
> should work properly. (assuming you're using x yourself, of course).
> You should also add the foreign system to your xhosts (although, yes,
> there is a more secure way - xhosts is just simpler) with:
> % xhosts +hostip
> prior to rexecing xmaple

Don´t forget to set the DISPLAY variable to its correct value.

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