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mh isn't sending (exim is mta)

When I try to send a message now, using the comp/send programs in mh, I am
getting this message for a valid user:

What now? send -watch
  user at domain: loses; [USER] 550 relaying to <user at domain>
prohibited by administrator
post: 1 addressee undeliverable
send: message not delivered to anyone

Can someone give me a clue how to set this up?  I think I have had trouble
with mh under sendmail as well?

Alan Davis

Alan E. Davis                       Marianas High School (Science Department)     
AAA196, Box 10001    adavis@netpci.com   http://www.saipan.netpci.com/~adavis   
Saipan, MP  96950    15.16oN 145.7oE    GMT+10       Northern Mariana Islands

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