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Re: Using sendmail for outgoing mail to ISP


Just in case you didn't know, "sendmail" and "smail" are two _different_
mail transport agents.  I am mentioning this because you said you wanted
to configure sendmail but are using smailconfig.  Presumably you mean
"smail" and not "sendmail."  :)


> > How can I configure sendmail under Debian 1.3 so that it can
> > 
> > I wanted to configure /etc/smail/routers myself but I did
> > not find the information I was looking for in the
> > smailconf(5) manpage nor in the HOWTOs. Can someone tell me
> > how to do this or where in my Debian system I could find the
> > appropriate documentation?
> Run /usr/sbin/smailconfig and configure your system to:

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