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Re: x is dead - non-free

On 4 Apr 1998 john@dhh.gt.org wrote:

> > Stop!
> Stop what?

Not you, the "panic".

> > XFree will ALWAYS be free.
> Yes, of course it will.  'X', however, refers to 'The X Window System',
> which is a registered trademark of TOG.  X11R6.4 will be the next release
> of X, and it will not be free.  Doesn't matter much, though, because we
> have XFree.  I thought I made that clear.

Yeah, I just read the license agreement for R6.4 and it pretty much sucks.

If I want to make R6.4 available to my customers, I must pay $7500 every
year and I can only provide them with binaries. They can receive no
source. What Debian COULD do is pay the $7500 to Open Group and provide
50,000 copies of X11R6.4 in binary form (as .deb packages) for $1 each
providing a potential income of $42,500 to the project.

If I wanted to install Debian with R6.4 at a commercial operation, I would
have to obtain "Commercial Debian" and pay the extra $1 for the X binary
distribution. I would still be able to obtain (for free) the source
code for my use at home, I just would not be able to distribute any
binaries I produce with it unless I pay the $7500. Looks like, if they
wanted to, Debian could join the group and distribute the binaries for
commercial use at a low price.

I am not against commercial software, I am against crappy commercial
software. If R6.4 is good and if it can be obtained for a few bucks, I
would use it. Heck, I am almost tempted to fork out the $7500 and offer
binary packages.

George Bonser 
Just be thankful that Microsoft does not manufacture pharmaceuticals.
Debian/GNU Linux ... the maintainable operating system.

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