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Re: lilo and boot messages

Will Lowe wrote:
  >Is there any way to get lilo to show a boot message after it prints "LILO"
  >WITHOUT someone pressing a key?  I have it currently configured to show a
  >boot menu when you hit shift,  but for novice users that's a little
  >difficult to explain ...

>From /usr/doc/lilo/manual.txt:

Global options
- - - - - - -

  PROMPT  forces entering the boot prompt without expecting any prior 
    key-presses. Unattended reboots are impossible if PROMPT is set and 
    TIMEOUT isn't. 
  TIMEOUT=<tsecs>  sets a timeout (in tenths of a second) for keyboard 
    input. If no key is pressed for the specified time, the first image is 
    automatically booted. Similarly, password input is aborted if the user 
    is idle for too long. The default timeout is infinite. 

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