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Re: Installing large packages from DOS formatted diskette

> Hi,
>   I am a newbie to Debian. Recently I installed Debian 1.3 on my PC from
> diskettes. It is working fine. However I downloaded some Debain packages
> which are larger than 1.44M (diskette size). How can I install these
> packages? I have DOS/Windows tools like pkzip, arj, gzip but I am not
> sure how to decompress it to a Linux partition on my hard disk. 
>   My guess is that I need a DOS partition but I couldn't create one
> using the Rescue Disk. BTW, which type of DOS partition do I create?
> FAT12, FAT16, etc.. 
  You don't need to make a DOS partition (who needs it anyway).  Here's
two ways I handle this.
  1. The file is downloaded to you're debian machine or another *nix machine.
        I use 'split' and 'cat'.  Split takes a number as an argument that
        determines the size of the split-up files. I've found between 4000
        and 5000 gives a bit over 1M size files.  You can then save these on
        multiple disks, copy them to your Debian system and then cat them back
        For example:  split -4500 package.deb  (this makes files xa*, xb*, ..)
                      cat xa* xb* > package.deb

  2. The file is downloaded to a DOS based machine.
        PKZIP them across multiple disks.  Each disk has the same name
        file, so cp them into a directory on your system with different
        names (make sure to keep things in order - name them part1, part2, 
        etc).  Now cat these together into a package.zip.  There is an 
        unzip for *nix systems (sorry, don't remember where I got mine)
        that can unzip PKZIP files.  Unzip package.zip and you should have
        you're package.deb.

  I haven't had to use two for a while, but I use one all the time cause I
have a small harddrive, so I keep all the packages I download on floppies.

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