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Re: X11R6.4 and Debian

>>"Alex" == Alex Yukhimets <aqy6633@acf5.nyu.edu> writes:

Ray> I suspect that the result of making the "Open Group"'s X non-free
Ray> is that development of that version will start to fall behind the
Ray> free version quickly. If the commercial folks don't want the
Ray> freeware folks to have their contributions at all, it is very
Ray> likely the freeware folks don't want them to profit from their
Ray> contributions without doing something in return any longer. One
Ray> way of doing that would be to switch X from BSD-like to GPL
Ray> licensing.

Alex> let's not start the war, please... May be it is time to realize
Alex> the existence of "non-free" software and try to live in peace
Alex> with that, not try to ignore as much as possible its existence,
Alex> adjust our policy and practice to the changing
Alex> world. Proprietary software has its own and very important
Alex> role,let's understand that.

	Why should ti also not trun the other way around? The non-free
 software does have it's place, but why should the free software
 community help someone else who does not believe in the freedom of
 software? Especially since there are initiatives to block the free
 software community and lock them out of the cutting edge. 

	X has gone commercial, and the PC 98 harware standard requires
 a NDA, which means that the free software ommunity has been locked
 out. And you propose we just turn the other cheek? And help all the
 people who are locking us out? 

	If we change our policy and give in, there shall be no Debian
 or Linux around for much longer, IMO. I think "adjust our policy and
 practice to the changing world" shall destroy what we have, here in
 the free software world. I find it ironic that consumers of a free
 software product are advocating that it move to be more accomodating
 to proprietary schemes of software development. 

	Should we require a $25000 membership fees for using Debian?

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