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Re: X11R6.4 and Debian

> I suspect that the result of making the "Open Group"'s X non-free is that
> development of that version will start to fall behind the free version
> quickly. If the commercial folks don't want the freeware folks to have their
> contributions at all, it is very likely the freeware folks don't want them
> to profit from their contributions without doing something in return any
> longer. One way of doing that would be to switch X from BSD-like to GPL
> licensing.
> HTH,
> Ray


let's not start the war, please...
 May be it is time to realize the existence of "non-free" software and try
to live in peace with that, not try to ignore as much as possible its
existence, adjust our policy and practice to the changing world.
Proprietary software has its own and very important role,let's understand that.


Alex Y.
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