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Re: LILO err

According to Hamish Moffatt:
> On Tue, Mar 31, 1998 at 05:29:45PM -0800, Gary Kline wrote:
> >   Trying to install lilo, I see this warning:
> >   ``Must specify LOADER for BIOS device 0x81''
> >   What does this mean?  
> Apparently you want to boot from your second hard drive
> (the first is 0x80). LILO will normally let you off with a warning
> about this, but obviously there's something about your second
> drive which needs special handling -- perhaps it's SCSI? Read
> the LILO documentation in /usr/doc/lilo; you need to use one
> of the other .b loader files in /boot probably.

	SCSI's, yes.  I've got two SCSI drives.  Debian is on
	the first, BSD is on the second.  My BIOS boots only
	one way: it boots to my 2nd drive automatically.  
	Configuring the setup in any other way on my IWILL
	motherboard does nothing.

	In /etc/lilo.conf, I added the line:
	and retried.  Nothing whatsoever happens.  So it
	must be that (1) the BIOS is only looking at my
	second drive; and that (2) LILO is never being 

	Do you have any other ideas?  I've got Debian rooted
	on LUN0, FreeBSD on LUN2.   FreeBSD default boots;
	and the only way to get into Debian is with a boot
	floppy.  My m'board is  an IWILL with an Adaptec 
	SCSI adaptor built in.  

	Thanks for any clues here,


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