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Re: frivolity: the joystick

>> OK, I had to do it.  Radio shack had $15 joysticks with a $15 rebate, and I 
>> took one for the kids machine at home, which runs the darkside (and for which 
>> I have a flight simulator).
>> About 3 days later, the plug was pulled on my consulting project, and the 
>> machine went back.
>> So now I want to connect it to my machine.  But looking through the kernel 
>> build, i see no drivers.
>> Is there a way to get it to produce xevents taht I could map to keys?

 The 2.1.xx series kernels have support for this, and for 2.0 series there
 are patches at least in:

 Now only if I could get mine working with Quake2 :)


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