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printer/fax/copier recommendations?

Is anyone using any of the combination printer/fax/copier units
with linux?  There are some units where the fax and copier features
explicitly state that the pc is not required.  But I'm concerned that
the printer is some kind of win-printer similar to the win-modems.  Does
anyone have any experience with these?  I'm looking at HP, Canon, and
Xerox combination units, but so far their tech support has been pretty
lame.  ("You don't have win95, I've never had anyone ask about solaris
or linux.  Why do you want it on a network with an HP JetDirect print

I downloaded the hamm magicfilter, but I didn't see anything to support
the combo units.  Any web resource suggestions would be welcome.

If anyone is wondering about my fetchmail with ssh question, I'll post
an update after I get port 110 blocked on the firewall.


Lee Bradshaw                 lee@sectionIV.com (preferred)
Alantro Communications       lee@alantro.com

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