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Re: Running X11 over a network

Hi Ben  :-)

In article <873eg5gisn.fsf@pfaffben.user.msu.edu>, Ben Pfaff
<pfaffben@pilot.msu.edu> writes
>   I am also confused about how each computer knows the others IP address.
>   Does it just broadcast it over the whole network and anyone who wants it
>   grabs it?
>No, in one sense.  Either you have to set up hostnames in the
>/etc/hosts file or run a DNS server for them to `know the others [sic]
>IP address'.

So I will be able to ping/ftp/etc IP addresses without doing anything?
Do I have to do anything special to be able to ping the Linux machine
from a Win'95 box (to check the network card is setup OK)?

>Yes, in one sense.  This is the ARP protocol.

Can you point me at a URL on this please?

Ian Lynagh - ian@lynagh.demon.co.uk

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