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Re: Exim/Fetchmail (Re:Was Unidentified subject!)

Mike Acklin <htuttle@dallas.net> writes:

> 	I get an error message from the POP3 server that the name is not
> acceptable. It wants a domain name on it.

Right, I'm pretty sure this is a DNS config problem.  Are you running
bind on this machine, or are you just using /etc/hosts?

> 	One of the guys on IRC said this was one of the FAQ's and had me place
> "receiver_unqualified_net =" in my /etc/exim.conf file.

I think this is on the right track.  If you aren't running bind, what
do your /etc/hosts, /etc/nsswitch.conf, and /etc/resolv.conf files
look like?  This problem can probably be fixed by either changes to
one of these files, or by a change to /etc/exim.conf.

> 	Is there somewhere I can find a FAQ or Howto for exim or
> fetchmail. I have tried the EXIM home page, but to no avail.

The best source for docs on exim is to install the exim-doc package,
and then run "info exim".  There's also a great mailing list where you
can nearly always get all the help you need.  It should be listed in
the docs.  Also check out /usr/doc/exim/*

Rob Browning <rlb@cs.utexas.edu>
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