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Missing packages in hamm

I recently had to re-install hamm because of a disk error (and a botched
backup tape).  However,  some of the packages which formerly were
included are not there anymore:


Many available packages cannot be installed because of dependency on

Downgrading to bo isn't a preferable option because there are many
packages in hamm which do not exist in bo.

I realize that hamm is still unstable, but it is currently less stable
than it was a couple of months ago and I would hope that the stability
would be improving as the release date nears.

As I understand, the reason for removing packages is that those that
need fixing (often because of policy compliance rather than
technical issues) should not go into frozen.  However, frozen does 
not yet exist and possibly a better approach would be to create a 
frozen distribution containing the "good" packages and either leave the
packages which still need work in unstable or create a new category for
the "bad" packages where they would still be accessable, but their status
as requiring additional effort would be flagged.  This would have the
effect of pointing out the problems to any recalcitrant maintainers
without seriously affecting users.

No flame intended,


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