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Three questions regarding new install (Win95 sharing and FTP and kernel)

Hi all.

I have installed the bo version of Debian and am very happy with it.

I have three questions (I have read a fair number of docs and faqs, but
have not found simple answers).

1. During the install, I enabled Windows95 file sharing.  How do I
actually set this up?

2. After installation is complete, if I want to remove an item from the
install (I added IPX and don't want it), how do I accomplish this?  (I
only have the basic installation right now... see #3.

3. Due to "factors beyond my control", this Linux system MUST share the
network with Wintel systems.  All internet access is through MS Proxy
Server on an NT server box.  All other wintel machines on the net can
access internet via http and ftp, etc.

I can ping any machine on the network (including the Debian system).  I
can FTP from the Debian system to the NT server (running Proxy).  I
CANNOT FTP to the internet.  If I try "FTP> open ftp.debian.org"  I get
"site not found" (or something of that sort).  I cannot ftp to the
actual IP address of ftp.debian.org, either.

Can anyone assist me with this task?  I simply want to ftp to the debian
site, but I MUST go through the MS proxy server.

Thanks in advance,


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