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Moonlight Creator and pthreads problem.

I have a Debian libc6 (upgraded from libc5).  So let's start with that
in mind.

I recently picked up the Moonlight Creator package in the Unstable
distribution and installed it and it's required components. (using

The problem is that I receive a core dump when I attempt to run it.
I traced the problem (I believe) to libpthread libraries in the /lib

These are the thread libraries I currently have in /lib:

libpthread.so.0 -> libpthread.so.0.6

When I set LD_PRELOAD to libpthread-0.7.so Moonlight loads and runs
correctly (provided that is I run it from an rxvt/xterm session as
Window Maker doesn't execute a shell (thereby giving no environment) to
a program).

Without this LD_PRELOAD statement the program core dumps.

I have not installed libpthreads in dselect so I assume that these
libraries are a part of the libc6-dev stuff, else its laying around from
the older libc5 installation I had.  


1. Which libpthread libs should I have?
2. Is it safe to remove libpthread.so.0.6 in lieu of libpthread-0.7.so?

I can get Moonlight Creator to run as long as I run it from an
rxvt/xterm and set LD_PRELOAD appropriately.  There must be some easy
solution, yes?

I have already tried creating an alias in my .xsession, but since
WindowMaker (like most window managers) doesn't give a program a shell
upon execution this makes no difference.

I've also tried setting LD_PRELOAD from my .xsession.. the most
noticeable things were that my rxvt/xterm sessions totally disobeyed
their settings in my .Xdefaults file.  Most notably Netscape refused to

Any ideas on what's wrong or what needs to be changed?

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