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Quantum disk manager

At 16:55 07.03.98 +0200, you wrote:
>On Sat, 7 Mar 1998, Helmut Leinfellner wrote:
>> Where do I get diskmanager ?
>Go and seek it from manufacturers www-pages. I have Quantum drives, so
>I found them from www.quantum.com. I never install it, so I don't really
>know how it works. Hope you find a solution. I have same problem and have
>only 283 M for dos but it is enough to me... ;)

Found it ! (through a search engine)
I encourage you to get it too because it makes life with the big hard drive
so much more easier and enjoyable !


   Accept the challenge!   http://fbma.tuwien.ac.at/~e8426331/
   ... and write to me !

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