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Re: What SCSI should I buy?

I agree with everyone else's statement that BusLogic is Good, but there's
absolutely nothing wrong with Advansys.  Advansys maintains the linux
driver and it should be a good one.

Adaptec and Diamond will work at the expense of some robustness.
I'll never buy them.

On Thu, Mar 12, 1998 at 03:34:16PM +0100, Nico De Ranter wrote:
> a friend of mine wants to buy a scsi-card.  His options are:
>    Adaptec 2940 UW          300$
>    Adaptec 2930 (U)         180$
>    Advansys ????  UW        180$
>    Advansys ????  U         150$
>    Diamond fireport (UW ?)  180$


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