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Re: Installing with LS-120 drive

It seems that I did not understand what is the problem.
I thought you can't *start* the installation process because the machine has 
no "normal" floppy drive. Reading your reply made me thought that the problem 
is that the installation process does not run becuase the default kernel could 
not get loaded. Where this problem is due to the special floppy drive.
Well, if I got it correctly this time then a possible solution might be to get 
the installation process to start using a custom kernel. Where the custom 
kernel will not look for the fd, because it was compiled without any fd 
In any case, I am thinking of ways to make /dev/hdb the root partition. 
> Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to this...
> The big problem with the machine we are installing Debian
> on is the fact that it does not have a "normal" floppy
> drive.  I have not looked into using the LS-120 as the
> root partition, but I will try it one of these days.
> Paul
> >> > I have persuaded a co-worker to install Debian on his machine.
> >> > However, he has a LS-120 drive (essentially a 120MB capacity
> >> > floppy) and no "normal" floppy drive.  I wrote a resc1440.bin
> >> > (from hamm/main/disks-i386/current) for him since rawrite2
> >> > will not work (apparently) with these disk drives.  The problem
> >> > is when it comes to install the kernel and modules on the HDD,
> >> > the system cannot mount the floppy drive.  I am trying to install
> >> > Debian on /dev/hdb (an IDE drive), and /dev/hda has a NT installation.
> >> >
> >> > Any ideas how to overcome this?
> >> 
> >> Perhaps by copying resc1440.bin from this LS drive to the HD, toghether 
> >> with loadlin; And running loadlin to boot into Linux ?

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