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Re: My laptop keeps crashing

Have you tried disabling APM? This kills me every time on my GW Solo 2100. I
have to disable it during booting otherwise the machine will crash. You may be
able to compile support into the kernel which would be the preferable solution.
This doesn't work for me because apparently the BIOS implementation does
something it isn't supposed to.

Charles Blair wrote:

>    I have installed debian on an IBM Thinkpad (model 310ED--- this
> seems to be a little-used model, I'm beginning to understand why).
> I used the CD's that came with Dale Scheetz's DEBIAN LINUX USER'S GUIDE.
>    Most of the system worked as I expected.  However, I have recently
> been experiencing crashes, screens going black, and other strange
> behavior.  The most recent crash came while I was using emacs (not
> from X).
>    Suddenly the screen filled with a bunch of stuff I don't understand.
> I hope somebody can explain what the excerpts below might mean, and what
> I should do about it.
>    (pid: 1 process nr: 1 stackpage = 002ad000 )
>  Unable to handle kernel paging request at (bunch of zeroes)
>  current -> tss.cr3 = 00c5000 %cr3 = 00cc5000
>  (then the word STACK followed by a bunch of 8-digit numbers)
>  kpde = 0
>  Oops: 0003
>  CPU: 0
>  EIP: 0010 [ < 0010a31b ]
>  EEFLAGS: 00010246
>  (bunch more junk)
>  Process init (pid: 178, process nr: 4, stackpage 00fab00)
>  The machine was printing, every 30 seconds or so
>  polling: lp0@0x03bc
> when I turned it off.
>  I think lp0 refers to the parallel port, but I don't have a printer
> or anything else attached there.
>    I have been experiencing difficulty using kermit and trying to get
> X to work, but neither of these had been tried during the session involving
> the most recent crash, so I suspect the problem may be elsewhere.
>    Thanks  very much for any help.
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Jens B. Jorgensen

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